Where’s Brennan sitting?


3 thoughts on “Where’s Brennan sitting?

  1. Lesley Pennock says:

    Looking good Brennan! Have you got your brace yet? Hopefully it will make things a bit more easy for you to move more. How is your appetite? We are OK here although the westerly winds are very strong and cold. This morning we had the whole family of Kookas in – five in all. Some are quite tame while some are very timid. Will keep in touch with you – Love L, B 7 Kiri

  2. heather says:

    hi brennan, glad to seee u looking better, thinking of u all love always. xxx

  3. Lesley Pennock says:

    Dear Brennan,
    What a surprise and such great news. Someone up there is certainly looking after our little warrior. I am trusting these comments are getting thru to you, even though I don’t know what the “URI” thing is about? Bob has been busy planning another trip to Thailand, but not until next year. We think it is wise to fly into Phuket andstay south, just in case Bangkok and the north erupt again, which is on the cards anytime. I am devastated Brennan, the Geelong/Collingwood match is not being televised up here, even on pay TV, due to the Brisbane Bears game getting priority. I will listen to the Broadcast on the internet, which is not quite the same eh? When you fell like it a few words in an email would be lovely. We do hope you are feeling comfortable at home and that you continue to come good quickly. Love for now – Lesley, Bob & Kiri.

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