6 thoughts on “Where’s Brennan and the wheelchair?

  1. heather says:

    Welcome home, I bet you are glad to be back, love always.xxx

  2. Lesley Davey says:

    Wow Looking good Brennan. Good to see you home again and looking chirpy. Bet you are looking forward to the footy tomorrow night, It should be a good game. GO THE CATS !!!!!. xxx Lesley and Noel xxx

  3. Lesley Pennock says:

    You are looking great little mate – welcome HOME !!!! Luv L,B & Kiri.

  4. Linda Bentley says:

    Hey Brennan

    Great photo! It must be fantastic to be home. Can’t wait to see you back at school soon. Make sure you come past my office for an old chat when you do pop in. Sam has been keeping me up to date about your chats on the phone, however, now you’re home he’ll be able to catch up in person! How bad was the footy last night? Losing to Collingwood – how devastating!

    take it easy….

    Mrs Bentley

  5. sue morgan says:

    Looking good Brennan, I bet its great to be back home.

    Sue and the gang at DoCare

  6. HEATHER says:

    Hi Brennan, how are you doing? I hope eveerything is going along well for you. love you…. heather. xxx

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