Fun and laughs with Brennan


Fun and laughs with Brennan, such delight he brought to all;
Jokes and banter and cheeky tricks, chortles big and small.
Life with Bren held so much joy, and love for others too;
You had a hug from Brennan, you’d know that he loved you.


Many ways he’d show his love, to those he held most dear;
Whether they be friend or fam’ly, whether far or near.
The love he had for others was beautiful to see;
The bond he shared with Patrick, and also Dad and me.


The way he’d sit beside us, and squash us to the bone,
His head atop our shoulder, while playing on his phone;
He’d hold hands with his grandpa, ’twas just the sweetest thing
To see Bren hold his hand out, for Pa to come to him.


Bren, he was an Aussie bloke, as Aussie as can be;
He loved to tease and trick us, he’d cackle loud with glee.
He’d grab some eggs to juggle, and we would gasp and splurt
When he’d toss them in the air; we’d laugh so much it hurt!


He loved to walk down Pako, in the arvo, Sundays;
And loved to cook for others, his fav’rite cheese soufflés.
And spicy food, how Bren loved it, how he’d sit and laugh
As we three would yell and scream for something cold to quaff!


Christmas time was Santa time, with Bren atop his knee;
A bribe in hand and games in mind, Bren would sit with glee.
And he’d do some gardening to earn a buck or two;
Thus bit by bit the games he had grew and grew and grew.


How Bren loved all our cats, but one was extra special;
Old Fat Cat was Bren’s best mate, how they loved to snuggle.
If Bren was sitting down, you’d know Fat Cat would be near;
That bond between the two of them, we hold very dear.


Something that Bren did not like, he did not like at all;
He did not like the magpies, the ravens or their call.
Flying, too, he feared it, with an animus so strong;
He’d front up to the airport, then talk the whole flight long.


He always thought of others, and always put them first;
Though he suffered so much pain, he hid from us the worst.
And we have many tales of his care for other folk;
Such a thoughtful guy he was, a warm and caring bloke.


Now that Bren’s with us no more, our love still carries on;
A love staunch and unwavering, for our darling son.
Thank you, Bren, for being there and bringing us such joy;
We’ll never forget those treasured times with our dearest boy.