Bren’s bravery


Brennan, you were the bravest boy, you endured so much pain
And fought so hard for six whole years, although it was in vain.
The beast you fought was so vicious, that you could never win,
But each attack that beast sparked off, you took upon the chin.

You snubbed that beast, ignored its roars, refused to let it win,
And any pain or fears you had, you held them all within.
We saw you smile and laugh and joke, but never saw you cry;
You stood firm and strong and tenacious while the years passed by.

So many things you couldn’t do and never got to see,
While all your mates were living life and running high and free.
You were too ill to be with them, join in their hijinks too;
We hate that beast and all it did, taking your life from you.

But that beast showed us your grit, and your love and care for all.
When things were at their utter worst, your back against the wall,
Your life so full of woes and pain, of medics, of mayhem,
You still put other people first, still showed such care for them.

Brennan, we are so proud of you, and we will always be.
Your courage and your caring, your abounding sense of glee;
Those are the things we think of whenever we think of you.
We wish also that beast vanquished so that we’d still have you.