From the corner of my eye


Last night, when I went off to bed,
Your photo I walked by.
And I thought I saw you smiling
From the corner of my eye.

I went back for a second look,
And you were smiling fair;
But it was not the jolly grin
I’d thought that I saw there.

I moved away with one more glance,
And saw you wink an eye;
I doubled back and looked again,
Back at my darling guy.

Once more, you smiled with innocence,
From down upon the wall;
I stood and stared at you again –
You didn’t move at all.

Could it have been a trick of light,
Had it really happened?
Was it all just wishful thinking,
Something I’d imagined?

I looked once more at that photo,
And swear your smile just grew;
And did you lift your head an inch,
When I glanced away from you?

I looked at you again so deep,
I held your eyes with mine;
And once again your smile, it grew,
As if giving me a sign.

A sign to let me know you’re near,
And watching over me;
That you are well and happy and
Your spirit’s running free.

I looked once more straight at your smile,
But it was still again;
I turned aside, looked straight ahead,
And saw you grin again.

Although you are with me no more,
It is not a goodbye;
I know that I can still see you
From the corner of my eye.

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