All honour to a boy so brave

All honour to a boy so brave,
Who, on the battle field
Fought a beast so ferociously,
And never thought to yield.

All honour to that boy so bold,
Who snubbed all cancer’s woes;
Who never let it get him down,
Who smiled through all the lows.

All honour to that boy so kind,
Who thought of others first;
Who hid his pain and fears from them,
Through cancer’s brutal worst.

Who complained not, through 6 whole years,
Of battling that vile brute,
Gave treasured hugs to those he loved
When things became acute.

All honour to that boy so wise,
Aged well beyond his years;
Who cared for other people so,
Was always full of cheers.

All honour to that boy so brave,
May he inspire us all
To fight our battles with good cheer,
Though backs be to the wall.

All honour to his memory,
That boy who inspired all,
Our beautiful, darling Brennan,
Who went to meet God’s call.