Brennan and Fat Cat

The bond between a boy and cat
Is best displayed by old Fat Cat,
A ginger tom of blood unknown,
Who claimed young Brennan as his own.


The story starts eight years ago.
Fat Cat was twelve or nearly so.
His owner became old and frail,
And thus begins this touching tale.


A home was found with two young boys,
Two other cats, and lots of toys.
One boy was Pat, the other, Bren.
Pat was thirteen, and Bren just ten.


Percy, as he was called those days,
Settled into the family’s ways.
They loved him, and he loved them back.
Life was good, and all was on track.


One year passed, another year too,
With loads of fun as the boys grew.
Then cancer reared it’s ugly head,
“In Brennan’s bones”, the doctor said.


“Don’t go near Bren”, Fat Cat was bid.
“You’ll make him sick” was what was said.
So Fat Cat had to stay away
From his good mate, day after day.


For ten whole months it was the case
The two of them could not embrace.
Fat Cat developed such a yen,
He’d try and try to sneak to Bren.


That cunning cat, he tried his best,
And gave the family little rest.
But finally, treatment was done,
From this time on, they were as one.


They’d play outside and catch some sun,
In the evening, homework done,
They’d cuddle up on the settee,
As close as boy and cat could be.


The time passed by, more fun and games,
And Fat Cat would groom Brennan James.
Lick clean his hair and pat his face,
Hold him tight in a furry embrace.


Bren loved him to the moon and back,
My, how he loved to hug that cat!
Fat Cat would purr, then purr some more.
Such love you’ve never seen before.


More years went by, Bren’s cancer grew.
He could not walk, was bedbound too.
Fat Cat stayed with him day and night,
Would not move out of Brennan’s sight.


Time passed as it is wont to do,
Then Fat Cat got a cancer too.
Still they stuck, both day and night,
Till Bren passed to a higher light.


Five days later, Fat Cat passed too.
Thus ends the story I’ve told to you.
Of mates who stuck through good and bad
The best friends each one ever had.


R.I.P. Brennan James Houghton 10/7/1995 – 11/2/2014
and Percy (a.k.a. Fat Cat) 1994 – 16/2/2014



Postscript: :”Fat Cat” was Bren’s pet name for Percy.

One thought on “Brennan and Fat Cat

  1. Trish O'Callaghan says:

    Bernadette, a beautiful story. A very special bond between boy and cat.

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