The battle

Go and battle, do it Brennan,
As you’ve done it all before;
Strike that cancer senseless, Brennan,
Keep that mettle to the fore.

Do your best to beat it, Brennan,
Keep that brav’ry working hard;
Don’t give up the fight, dear Brennan,
Don’t let down your watchful guard.

Kick that cancer’s arse, dear Brennan,
Show it who’s the toughest here;
Snub your nose at it, dear Brennan,
Don’t let cancer see your fear.

Always on your feet, dear Brennan,
Fighting hard that vicious beast;
Standing ever strong, dear Brennan,
Despite what that beast unleashed.


Though that beast did conquer, Brennan,
You’ve shown it who’s braver here;
You’ve shown it your grit, dear Brennan,
Snubbed that cancer with a sneer.

You’ve shown it your courage, Brennan,
Shown it to us all as well;
We’re so proud of you, dear Brennan,
Laughing through that beastly hell.

All those years with cancer, Brennan,
You suffered life’s vicious worst;
But throughout it all, dear Brennan,
Always you put others first.

Though that beast did take you, Brennan,
You did not bend to its thrall;
Such guts and cheer you had, Brennan,
As that beast showed to us all.