Eighteen years


Eighteen years we had with Brennan, eighteen years of joy;
Eighteen years of fun and laughter with our darling boy.
The time we had together, the memories we share,
Have forged a bond so deep and strong, nothing can compare.

But God called Bren away too soon, cut our time too short.
To have your child get cancer, what parent would have thought?
We saw Bren fight with courage, that cheeky smile still there;
Saw him snub that cancer, live life without a care.

For six whole years he fought that beast, fought it hard and strong,
Still his bright and cheerful self, as he was his life long.
He had such care for others, although he was so ill,
Our only wish today is that Bren be with us still.

We will always remember the happy times we had
With our beautiful, brave boy, our smart and charming lad.
The hugs for those he loved when his time to leave was near;
We’ll cherish them forever, through every passing year.

The laughs and spats, the chats and jokes that he shared with us
Are memories so treasured, memories so precious.
We will always love our Bren, whatever life may hold.
To have had him in our lives, we prize that more than gold.

We will always miss our Bren, that empty space will stay
And evoke many memories, each and every day.
But memories can’t replace Bren, nothing ever will;
As time goes on, as years pass by, we ache for him still.



Happy birthday, dearest Bren,
You’d be 21 today.
You’d hate this poem, but that’s tough luck,
‘Cos it’s the Houghton way.

We miss your laughs and cheeky tricks
And all the jokes we shared.
We miss all of the banter
And the meals that you prepared.

We also miss those silly spats
And all the rolled eyes too.
But what we miss most of all
Is the person that was you.

Two years ago


Two years ago you left us all,
But you left something behind.
You left a bunch of memories
That are always on our mind.

Treasured memories of smiles and hugs,
Of jokes and laughs with you;
Of cheeky tricks and silly spats,
The deep bond we all shared too.

Our time together was way too short,
But the love we shared lives on.
We miss you so and always will,
Every day that you are gone.

A year ago


A year ago you left us,
A year ago you died.
No longer are you here with us,
Sitting by our side.

We miss the tricks you played on us,
The smiles you gave us, too.
We miss the laughter and the jokes,
The person that was you.

Our lives are not the same these days
Because you are not here.
The empty void that’s in our lives
Will be forever near.

But you will live for always
In our minds and in our heart
On each and every day
That we are forced to be apart.